Laby Rinth


Abigail (Laby) Rinth is a girl born and raised in Morgan City. Ruth Rinth found Abigail at the age of 2 on her door step. Ruth took the little girl in and named her Abigail. Once Abigail was old enough to talk and ride a bike, she quickly fell into the wrong crowd at Sunset Morgan Mobile Home Park. Ruth did all she could for the girl. When she was 14, Abigal ran away. She returned a few years later, she moved back into Ruth.

It took only a few months for the congregation of Morgan City First Baptist to realize there was something wrong when Ruth stopped coming for services. The pastor’s son came to Ruth’s home to find that Ruth had died and Abigail had kept her fresh for the SSI checks.

In and out of Parish jail, Abigail kept running into legal problems. She legally changed her named recently to Laby Rinth. She lived in Ruth’s home up to 3 months ago. No one has filed a missing persons as of yet.

Laby Rinth

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